Carpapalooza 2016

July 16th – August 20th

Tournament Time Frame & Cost

  • Registration fee for Carpapalooza 2016 INCARPNITO is $15. A   T Shirt & Tape Measure are included with registration.

A BIG THANK YOU! to Aaron J. Scott for the Carpapalooza design work.  He’s a phenomenal artist / graphic design’r / photographer and friend.

Three ways to register:

  1. At the fly shop
  2. Call 417-889-6548
  3. Go To:
  • If registering either online or over the phone there will be a $5 service charge for us to send you the tape measure and then a $5 service charge for mailing your t shirt after the tournament. You are always welcome to pick up those items at the shop if preferred.  You can use your own tape measure.  Please provide a size of shirt when registering and the shirts will then be produced after the tournament.
  • The Carpapalooza begins at 6 am on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 and runs until 1:00 pm on Saturday, August 20th. Registration is allowed both before and during the tournament.
  • The official “measure in” will be at 5:00 pm on Saturday, August 20th at Plateau Fly Shop.
  • You do not have to be present on August 20th to win The Carpapalooza (see below for side pot).


  • 1st Place : The Coveted Carp Cup (to be held for one year)
  • 2nd Place – Last Place : Fried Menga
  • Side Pot – $10 side pot….see store for details.

The Rules

  • Fly caught fish only. No scent or bait may be applied to flies.  No snagging or flossing.  No chumming fish or fishing at any feeding stations (marinas).  No fishing from private boat docks.
  • Common carp only. No koi or grass carp.
  • All public waters are available to fish. No private farm ponds or private lakes.
  • There are no distance parameters.  You can fish for carp wherever they reside in public waterways.
  • Only individuals can register, however, there are no rules against a second person running a boat while the registered individual fishes.
  • Anglers are to provide their own cameras.

Tournament Specifics & Photo Requirements

  • Total length of the longest three fish added together wins the tournament. Tie breakers are based on the measurements of an individuals’ fish caught exceeding three. For example, Team Zoso’s fourth fish measures 36” and Team Whahuh?’s fourth fish measures 35”….. 36” > 35” so Team Zoso wins.  If two teams fourth fish measurements are the same then the tie breaker goes to the longest fifth fish.  For example, Team Golden Bone’s fourth fish measures 35” and fifth fish measures 33” and Team WTF’s fourth fish measures 35” and fifth fish measures 34” …… so 35”=35” and …..33”<34”…..Team WTF wins.  Tie breakers continue down the line until a winner is determined.
  • All photos are due by Saturday, August 20th @ 1:00 pm. Email photos to or bring your phone, flash drive, etc into the shop with your photos.  If you can’t email photos then either bring your camera, phone, flash drives, etc by the shop before 1:00 pm on August 20th and we’ll get them downloaded.
  • Photo taking procedure……Measure the carp with the tape measure to get your measurement, lay the tape measure next to the fish and then take the photo you’ll be submitting for the tournament. Include the entire fish and tape measure in the picture. Any partial photos won’t be accepted.
  • The measurement should be taken by holding the fish’s tail together and placing the beginning of the tape at the point where the tips of the tail fin meet. The end measurement is at the terminus of the fish’s mouth.  Measurements will be rounded to the nearest 1/2”.  These photos will be used to determine the winner of the tournament.  Any out of focus or misleading photos will not be utilized.
  • When emailing photos, include your name and lengths of the fish either within the text of the email, as the subject of the email or as the name of the file.
  • Any questions give us a call or email.

We’ll be grilling hot dogs, burgers and such at the shop on Saturday, August 20th at the Measure In.  BYOB.

Good Luck!