Landon and I got out for a bit yesterday, got kind of a late start. With the warm temps fishing early and late is the best option but you go when you can. The bluegill are on beds and will take just about anything on top or subsurface near their nest. We don't typically fish spawning fish, I honestly don't care if you do or not, we just choose not too, but this place is in need of some bluegill extraction. Being lazy we didn't go back to the vehicle for a basket or I'd be frying fish right now. The bass are tight on the banks and mid day find the shade you'll find the fish. We were hoping to see some big fish recking the bluegill with the clear water but only saw a couple smaller bass lurking around the nest. We didn't move a single big fish, which is a little unusual for this place, I imagine we would have had better luck if we were out a few hours earlier. The warm water game is pretty solid right now I'd get out if you can, I know i'm gonna try to make some more time.