20% Chance of Rain

So that means 80% chance it won't rain that's if my math is right, if I were a betting guy I'd take those odds all day and I would have lost the farm on Saturday. We had watched the forecast all week hoping to be able to sneak in a smallmouth float on Saturday and Sunday. The weather looked okay, with a high chance of rain in the morning by high 60% and the chances tapering of after 9am. Since Landon and I where headed south from the city we knew we probably wouldn't be on the water until after 9, so there was only a small chance of rain. Around 2 miles into the float it unloaded on us, no lighting and thunder but a heavy steady rain, enough rain twice in the 2hrs it rained we had to pull over and drain the boat. I'm pretty sure at one point my boat bag was floating in the bottom of the boat. It didn't bother the fish any we kept catching fish in the rain and they actually started getting a little more active. Not a lot of pics during the rain but we stuck several. Once the rain finally let up the fishing stayed pretty consistent, both the smallmouth and spotted bass where in medium depth water with some current. I caught pretty much everything on a white and hot pink Sid with a double barrel head. I picked up a few on a Cohen Sulking Sculpin but the most fish came on some sort of white baitfish pattern.

Day 2 was a little different the fish weren't near as aggressive and you pretty much had to put in their face to get them to eat. They were still holding in similar water but you had to definitely be on them bottom. They just weren't moving as much or as far to eat the fly, we still managed to pick up several. Good weekend with good friends, a bunch of laughs and a bunch of fish.