Warmwater Weekend

I think most of us fly fisherman want we don't have, but mostly take for granite what we do have. Around here it's few and far between the number of guys who get excited about a bluegill or a pound and a half largemouth on the fly. There are some, but trout still dominate the game and I have feeling it may always be that way. I don't think there's really anything wrong with that, especially if you have trout in your backyard. For me spending 7.5 hours in the car round trip, is 7.5 hours I could have spent fishing another day. This weekend we had a couple friends in town from Colorado who have trout in their backyard but wanted to come chase some warm water stuff. So it was nice having some guys around that were excited about that bluegill or that pound and a half bass. Those guys are welcome back anytime.

Conditions were tough low water with not much flows, if you found moving water the fish were there. Most everything came on baitfish patterns both shad and sculpin colored, and a few coming off crawdad patterns. Hopefully we get a bump of water before it really starts cooling off might make for a good fall bite. Hit it hard winter is around the corner.