Korkers' Buckskin

I've been beating these boots up for a couple months and running them through the wringer. A couple traits I think a wading boot should have they should be comfortable, durable, and give you the traction you need in the or around the water. Which those traits are the basic components of a good wading boot. I picked the Buckskin for a couple different reasons mostly because they are light weight and versatile. 

The Buckskin weighs 2 lbs and 15 oz per pair keeping them on the lighter side of wading boots. The boots are as comfortable has any pair of high top tennis shoes. I've worn them both with waders and with wet wading socks and you couldn't ask for a more comfortable boot. I also like the laces it gives you the ability to tighten them down where you want them and to give yourself more of a custom fit to your own foot. So comfort.........Check.

Durability, so far so good the picture I took of these was recent after a couple months of abuse and they still look good. I like the fact the Buckskin has the extra rubber around the toe and it wraps around the side of the boot to the side panels. I've had some boots in the past that the side panel was the first to go so it's nice that it is reinforced. Sure there are a few scuffs here and there but I don't see signs of material breaking down or any signs of anything getting worn out or failing. Durability..........Check.

Traction, This is what I feel is one of the best aspects of the boots. The OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System, lets you match your soles to your conditions. Here in our part of the Midwest the wading conditions are not as demanding as some of the Western states but conditions and rivers do change. My favorite  are the Studded Vibram Idrogrip soles, and I've always preferred the studs once they banned felt here in Missouri. The nice thing is in a matter of minutes I can change out the soles for non studded soles, you don't want to be the jerk with studs on in your buddies drift boat. I also could throw on the felts if I was going somewhere they were legal. The best part it eliminates the need for multiple boots. Traction..........Check.

A couple other nice features are they dry quick and they are reasonable priced. You can check them out at http://www.korkers.com . Shop local and hit up your Local Fly Shop.