Old Stomping Grounds

Made it out yesterday to fish some really skinny water, stuff I used to spin fish 10 or 15 years ago. When I walked in it looked like no one had been there since I was last there a decade ago. Which is a total surprise anymore, I've grown into quite the pessimist when revisiting old fishing holes. More garbage than fish, no trespassing signs....you know how it goes. Anyways, the water was late summer low and slow, but cool, clean, and full of life. 
I fished a little bigger than I should have but I managed to catch plenty of fish. I threw a craw pattern I'm refining and the shuttlecock, both were attacked....like, holy shit those fish were AGGRESSIVE. It was a great experience, a couple more like that and I'll feel better about the future of Missouri's small streams. I'll be scouting around a little more to find the big ones, it could be worth a trip sometime. Here's some shots.

Will Branch


Thanks for sharing dude.