ARC Bonefish/Redfish Line

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Or like I like to call it ARC Bass/Carp line. The Bonefish/Redfish is what I've been running as  a floating line all season, yes it is a saltwater line but don't believe the misconception that saltwater lines shouldn't be fished in freshwater. This is a fairly aggressive tapered line that allows you to turnover big bass bugs or poppers, it's not as crazy as aggressive so you don't get that kick at the end of the line like you do with some of those really aggressive short headed lines. You're actually able to still make a softer presentation, which is why it's a good line for Carp. Yet it's still powerful enough to chuck some bigger streamers and fish those non-areodynamic poppers. It's on the rigs I run on the guided trips as well and I've had some good feed back from clients even the beginners have been able to get some line out, when we're fishing bugs that are fairly hard to cast. The other thing I've liked about it is that the polyleaders from Airflo work really well with this taper and a lot of days when I've needed to get the line down popping one of those sinking leaders on has eliminated the need to bring a whole new set up. I'd highly recommend one if you're looking for a line that loads the rod quick, turns over good size bugs, but still want to make a softer presentation if you need to. Check them out online at $10 of all lines purchased online go towards a conservation group of your choice, there are several options to choose from. If you don't like the online thing or want one spooled up come by the shop. Plus ARC is based right here good ole KC.