Local Report: Whites and Hybrids

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This past week fishing as been pretty good, starting to find them a little more shallow and on the points which is always a plus with a fly rod. The biggest piece of the puzzle is finding the shad if you can find the shad then the fish typically haven't been too far away. The water temps have started to cool enough I think they're starting to feel the urge to feed, at least the little ones are I haven't found any of the big hybrids yet. Water temps last week were right around 70 degrees some spots as low as 68 degrees, usually we start seeing the feeding pick up when the water temps start staying in the mid 60s which isn't far off, especially after that cold front yesterday. Hopefully the big girls start putting their feeding bags, if you can get to a wind blown point you'll catch some fish they've been close enough to the bank you don't need a boat. The other night we fished a shallow point and caught a mixed bag some whites, a crappie, a couple drum, a largemouth, and catfish so the whites aren't the only thing feeding, and all those came on a clouser, Hit it hard it's gonna be winter before you know it.


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