Korkers Nailed It


So you're probably thinking yeah, yeah neoprene wet wading socks have been around forever, but these are game changers. The difference in technology is that these socks actually drain, unlike previous versions from other companies. I tested the pair out in the picture above most the summer, after a few trips my first thought was why didn't someone think of this before. When your wet wading temperature and being wet are not typically the issue it's finding a pair of socks that allow your wading boots to fit correctly. The older versions did not drain once water came in from the top your feet hung out in water all day, and you could feel water moving around all day until you pulled them off and drained them. At least with these they drain as soon as you get out of the water and if you have a pair of fast draining Korkers boots all the water is gone it seconds. Sure your feet are still damp but at least they're not swimming in a pool of water all day.  I won't look back, it's a little late for wet wading but if you get a pair now you can hang it on the mantle and you it as your stocking.