Power Plant Fishing *Local Report*

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It's been a minute since I've been on the water, the cooler weather has kind of shut things down on the places close to me. We decided to hit one of the local power plants Sunday, lots and lots of small whites and small hybrids surfacing for food. Still not a 100% on what they were feeding on, there were a few insects but it looked like they were feeding on something small being washed out by the moving water. We did however catch a handful on shad and minnow patterns. Bait guys were throwing nets and catching several on the shad they were netting. I've heard and seen some reports of guys doing well at the urban trout ponds/lakes. I've yet to check them out even though I live close to a couple its hard for me to get too excited about them, but fishing is fishing and if you what to catch some fish gotta take what you can get. Heres a couple fish from the weekend and a couple new flies I've been playing with. With this nice weather it'd be worth getting out if you can, our nice weather days are probably limited. 


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