They're Waking Up

This little warm spell we've been experiencing has the fish moving. It's far from on fire but you can get out and catch a few which is pretty nice for February. Saturday we went on a little Ozark exploration having to run down for the day anyways we thought we check out the river. It's still really cold, really clear, and really low. I imagine if you can find deeper water and a river that has some more spring influence you could find some fish, but we mostly found suckers and few spotted bass nothing that looked like a smallmouth. But the weather was nice and it was a good change of pace getting outside for the day. The ponds and small lakes are definitely worth giving a shot. I've been catching everything on the bottom, slow stripping crawdads on a sink tip line. You gotta pay attention to the take it's a slow pull for sure. I think I only had one fish that hit the fly hard like they do in the spring, everything else is a really subtle take. Late morning and early afternoon has been the best once the sun has been on the water for awhile. Pretty much everything has been on a Deadbeat 'Dad. Weather looks good for the next couple days, 'Slow and Low" you'll catch some fish.