Summer Photo Drop

I've been really slacking on the website/blog, and wish it was because I've been really busy fishing. Which I have fished some, not near as much as normal. I've ran several trips and filled several fly orders but actually fun fishing with friends not too much. I think when everyone tells you the older your kids get the more obligations you have, is true. It's been hard to find time to get out whether it's an obligation I've got to take care of or one a buddy does. Hopefully once school starts back up we'll find a little more free time to fish and take care of the blog.  

I've been solo carp fishing a few times and in the low light they're up shallow feeding pretty heavily. I've caught a couple of a generic carp nymph and a handful a Montana hybrid. The bass and blue gill are fishing pretty good early and late, mostly top water stuff, in order to avoid all the vegetation. We found some whites running little like 1.5 inch minnows up to the surface, also found them on the points of the main lake. Imagine they be up there for awhile longer, early and late they busting bait. 

Couple events in the area Plateau is putting there Carpaplooza tournament on currently it runs until August 19th. This weekend in Springfield Pig Farm Ink is putting on an Iron Fly and a Get Trashed stream clean up event, details on Plateau's Facebook page.