Late Summer Fishing

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Now that summer is winding down, school has started back up,  and temps have started to get a little more comfortable it's time to start hitting it hard again. It's usually a mad dash to catch as many fish as possible before winter gets here. The next few months are definitely some of my favorite of the year, April is my favorite by far but September, October, and November are right up there. The whites are on the flats if you can find the shad which hasn't been too difficult to find since they're everywhere and some humps you'll find the whites. They never get too far from the food. I think the best are the ones around old river channels or close to deep water. We typically find them there from now until it starts getting really cold. They've eating anything that resembles a shad especially if they're busting. The bass are still eating on top, we went out the other night and threw frogs and mice, the bite was really good but shut off once it got completely dark. I would say early and late are still the best bet, but you can probably find fish in deeper water or in the shad in the late morning and afternoon. Times been flying seems like summer went by in a blink, if you blink again it'll be Christmas get out there while the weathers nice. 


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