Hog Island Boatworks

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I made a change earlier this year and picked up a Hog Island Skiff, I've been asked why several times and the answer is simple......Size. It's significantly wider than the previous boat and that's exactly what I was looking for. I haven't had it in many rivers yet since I really haven't had the time to get down to the Ozarks so I haven't spent much time rowing it. Unfortunately I'm still not at a place to own 6 boats so I still wanted something that could do a little of everything, and it has.  I've dropped it in the rivers a few times but I've had it in the lakes a lot, and dropped in a few ponds. The roto-molded plastic is different, but I'm digging not having to worry about scratches, it's basically the bastard child of a Yeti cooler and a Jon boat. Johnny from Hog Island was a good dude to deal with too . I'll have it at the Project Healing Waters event at K&K on November 4th for part of the casting games, if you want to check it out. 


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