2018 Fly Swap

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It's that time of year again for the annual fly swap! This year I'm thinking, Warmwater flies. Whether it be your favorite streamer, popper, or carp/blue gill nymph. Rules are pretty simple tie 6 of the same pattern and get 6 random flies in return. I always get asked why not tie one for every participant, and it's pretty easy response it takes a month most of the time to get 6 flies from the tiers and it would take 6 months to get 20+ flies from some. I'm not dogging on anyone people have real life stuff that comes up and sometimes it's hard to find the time. Here's the rules and I'm gonna keep it simple:

1. Email me name and address, if you want in the swap. I'll send you a response on where to send them, sign up by Saturday 1/20/18. email themidwestdrift@yahoo.com 

2. Tie 6 flies of whatever pattern you plan on submitting and mail them to me by 2/17/18. If you get them done early send them, please. When you send the flies include name of the fly, and email me any website, and social media info you want included. *Patterns do not have to be original, no wooly buggers though* If you have any business cards or stickers you want distributed send those too.

3. I'll take pics and build a page for every fly, mix them up and send them back out ASAP. Check out last years swap page and you'll get the idea. 

That's it, if you have questions email or DM me, thanks for participating and I'm stoked to see what everyone spins up this year.