Fall Hybrids

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The cooling water temps really have the hybrids active, the last couple days we’ve fished in the morning and on the way to the lake Sunday my car was saying it was 28 degrees. The sun being on the water has been a good thing, water temps have been in the upper 50s which is ideal for catching these guys in the fly, they’ve moved up into shallower water we’ve found them on the down wind side close to the bank and on ledges next to drop offs. I would get out as much as possible the next couple weeks hopefully these water temps will hang on for a bit but the overnight lows have started to really drop. Throw anything that looks like a shad, I’ve been fishing a 4.5 inch feather game changer on a sink and have picked up a few. We’ve been missing way more fish than we’ve been landing. Get out before it gets too cold.


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