Winter Bassin

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This little warm up has made it possible to pick up some warm water fish this past week or so. It’s a grind but how can you complain about catching fish in late December. If there’s no ice I feel like catching bass on the fly is possible. I like to target the shallowest water I can find, shallow water is most effected by the temps, first to warm up and first to cool off. You have to get the fly down, you can tell from the pics that all but one fish is really bleached out meaning he’s likely been on the bottom. Sink tips with around a 6 foot leader and flies that ride hook point up are my favorite. I’ve been fishing a lot of black and chartreuse starlight leeches with good success. Short slow strips or long slow pulls, you’ve got to be ready the takes are very subtle, I like to error on the side of over setting vs not setting the hook enough. If the weather holds of and you can tough the air temps there’s definitely fish to be caught.


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