Where has the Summer Gone?

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It kind of feels like school just got out for the summer and I blinked and it was time for it to start up again. Much like the spring this summer has been kind of ridiculous weather wise. Most the rivers are too low to float, at the lakes guys are driving their trailers off the backs of the ramps, one of my favorite white bass spots at Smithville is about ankle deep. I've heard some rumbling a couple lakes they're going to start pulling water out of to help farmers. We need rain or it's going to be a long fall. We got a little the last couple days not enough to fill any lakes or ponds but at this point anything has to help. I'm looking forward to the fall fishing for sure.

I moved over the summer and that's my excuse for doing such a shitty job on keeping up on the blog. We've settled and in and now I can start making the time. I've also recruited a couple shop guys Parker and Brad to help out filling some of the content. Which I'm pretty excited to see how all that shakes out, both dudes are really fishy and spend most of their free time worrying about where to fish next, much like I do. I'm also stoked about some new fly tying videos I've been working on gonna try to shake it up a bit. Stay tuned....


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