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This obscene amount of rain we’ve be getting has been making it a little tough to get out and fish. Last week I got to spend a little time on the water. We caught several fish but I’ve noticed the fish are slowly transitioning into there late spring and early summer spots. On the lakes the whites and hybrids are moving out onto the main lakes and starting to slowly school up they’ve transitioned off their spring spots. We found several schools suspended in deeper water. A few of the smaller lakes and ponds largemouth are still guarding beds we’ve been catching a handful of smaller bass but once they’re off the beds the post spawn fishing should start up. The blue gill have started moving on to the banks a few still hanging around their nesting spots, they have been more than willing to eat on the surface this past week making it a blast for the kids. On a positive note with all this rain the lakes and rivers should have plenty of water to get us through the majority of summer once the rivers calm down and they can release water from the lakes the current spots and tailwaters should be on fire.


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