ARC Streamer 17

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ARC’s Streamer 17 has been out for several months now, I’ve been fishing a prototype for awhile going on a couple years. If you’re looking for a type 6 sink tip there’s no better on the market. The Streamer 17 has a 17 foot sink tip that goes straight into a floater making it easy to manage your line and easy to cast. It has the same technology as the rest of the ARC line up made of 100% polyurethane thermoplastic, a solvent free material that isn’t affected by UV rays, sun screen, or insect repellent. The Response core is a low stretch core with only a 6 % stretch factor meaning quicker hook sets and better casting accuracy. If you need to get your streamer down in a hurry a 6-7 inch per second sink rate. This is definitely my go to line in moving water and when the whites and hybrids have moved to deeper water, it gets you fly into the feeding zone. Local company with great customer service, why would you fish anything else?