2018 Fly Swap

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It's that time of year again for the annual fly swap! This year I'm thinking, Warmwater flies. Whether it be your favorite streamer, popper, or carp/blue gill nymph. Rules are pretty simple tie 6 of the same pattern and get 6 random flies in return. I always get asked why not tie one for every participant, and it's pretty easy response it takes a month most of the time to get 6 flies from the tiers and it would take 6 months to get 20+ flies from some. I'm not dogging on anyone people have real life stuff that comes up and sometimes it's hard to find the time. Here's the rules and I'm gonna keep it simple:

1. Email me name and address, if you want in the swap. I'll send you a response on where to send them, sign up by Saturday 1/20/18. email themidwestdrift@yahoo.com 

2. Tie 6 flies of whatever pattern you plan on submitting and mail them to me by 2/17/18. If you get them done early send them, please. When you send the flies include name of the fly, and email me any website, and social media info you want included. *Patterns do not have to be original, no wooly buggers though* If you have any business cards or stickers you want distributed send those too.

3. I'll take pics and build a page for every fly, mix them up and send them back out ASAP. Check out last years swap page and you'll get the idea. 

That's it, if you have questions email or DM me, thanks for participating and I'm stoked to see what everyone spins up this year.



Korkers Nailed It


So you're probably thinking yeah, yeah neoprene wet wading socks have been around forever, but these are game changers. The difference in technology is that these socks actually drain, unlike previous versions from other companies. I tested the pair out in the picture above most the summer, after a few trips my first thought was why didn't someone think of this before. When your wet wading temperature and being wet are not typically the issue it's finding a pair of socks that allow your wading boots to fit correctly. The older versions did not drain once water came in from the top your feet hung out in water all day, and you could feel water moving around all day until you pulled them off and drained them. At least with these they drain as soon as you get out of the water and if you have a pair of fast draining Korkers boots all the water is gone it seconds. Sure your feet are still damp but at least they're not swimming in a pool of water all day.  I won't look back, it's a little late for wet wading but if you get a pair now you can hang it on the mantle and you it as your stocking.



Power Plant Fishing *Local Report*

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It's been a minute since I've been on the water, the cooler weather has kind of shut things down on the places close to me. We decided to hit one of the local power plants Sunday, lots and lots of small whites and small hybrids surfacing for food. Still not a 100% on what they were feeding on, there were a few insects but it looked like they were feeding on something small being washed out by the moving water. We did however catch a handful on shad and minnow patterns. Bait guys were throwing nets and catching several on the shad they were netting. I've heard and seen some reports of guys doing well at the urban trout ponds/lakes. I've yet to check them out even though I live close to a couple its hard for me to get too excited about them, but fishing is fishing and if you what to catch some fish gotta take what you can get. Heres a couple fish from the weekend and a couple new flies I've been playing with. With this nice weather it'd be worth getting out if you can, our nice weather days are probably limited. 


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Fall Push

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It's really starting to feel like fall around here temps have been in the 30s overnight and 40s-50s during the day. We had snow flurries yesterday, some might start considering hanging up the warm water gear but I say keep fishing. This is the time of year I try to catch as many fish as possible because winter can be long and brutal. Break out the sink tips and get after it, if you can brave the cold there are fish to be caught. The clousers where the best producer last weekend and most of the fish were caught on a shad/baitfish style patterns. It's gonna be time to start hitting the power plant lakes soon, winter is right around the corner.   


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ARC Bonefish/Redfish Line

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Or like I like to call it ARC Bass/Carp line. The Bonefish/Redfish is what I've been running as  a floating line all season, yes it is a saltwater line but don't believe the misconception that saltwater lines shouldn't be fished in freshwater. This is a fairly aggressive tapered line that allows you to turnover big bass bugs or poppers, it's not as crazy as aggressive so you don't get that kick at the end of the line like you do with some of those really aggressive short headed lines. You're actually able to still make a softer presentation, which is why it's a good line for Carp. Yet it's still powerful enough to chuck some bigger streamers and fish those non-areodynamic poppers. It's on the rigs I run on the guided trips as well and I've had some good feed back from clients even the beginners have been able to get some line out, when we're fishing bugs that are fairly hard to cast. The other thing I've liked about it is that the polyleaders from Airflo work really well with this taper and a lot of days when I've needed to get the line down popping one of those sinking leaders on has eliminated the need to bring a whole new set up. I'd highly recommend one if you're looking for a line that loads the rod quick, turns over good size bugs, but still want to make a softer presentation if you need to. Check them out online at https://www.arcfishing.com $10 of all lines purchased online go towards a conservation group of your choice, there are several options to choose from. If you don't like the online thing or want one spooled up come by the shop. Plus ARC is based right here good ole KC.  


Local Report: Whites and Hybrids

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This past week fishing as been pretty good, starting to find them a little more shallow and on the points which is always a plus with a fly rod. The biggest piece of the puzzle is finding the shad if you can find the shad then the fish typically haven't been too far away. The water temps have started to cool enough I think they're starting to feel the urge to feed, at least the little ones are I haven't found any of the big hybrids yet. Water temps last week were right around 70 degrees some spots as low as 68 degrees, usually we start seeing the feeding pick up when the water temps start staying in the mid 60s which isn't far off, especially after that cold front yesterday. Hopefully the big girls start putting their feeding bags, if you can get to a wind blown point you'll catch some fish they've been close enough to the bank you don't need a boat. The other night we fished a shallow point and caught a mixed bag some whites, a crappie, a couple drum, a largemouth, and catfish so the whites aren't the only thing feeding, and all those came on a clouser, Hit it hard it's gonna be winter before you know it.


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The End of Summer Push

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The last few weeks fishing has been pretty solid some days better than others but the fish are starting to move. If we could get the weather to stay consistent I think the fishing would be more consistent. We got into some nice crappie on a guided trip last week, I put on some Deadbeat 'Dads hoping to them hooked up with some bass but had some pretty big crappie beat them to it. Still picking up a few on top but the streamers have been more reliable I haven't seen as many bugs flying around on the water which might have some to do with it. The few times I've been out the whites are still on the mud flats eating shad I did hear some reports they've moved on to some wind blown points I haven't found them there yet. The hybrids have still been in deep water I was finding them in 35 feet of water and suspended around 10-15 feet down. I picked up a few with a weighted game changer and sink tip line counting the fly down to them, in the evenings depending on the day you can find them on top. Get out and fish while you can come February you'd wished you'd fished more.


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