Wisconsin Trip 2018

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We spent 5 days up in Wisconsin this past week chasing wild little spring creek trout and a half a day chasing smallmouth. The smallie plans kind of got ruined by a loss u bolt on the boat trailer but with the help of a local tow truck company and a local power sport store I was able to track down a new trailer and we still got a few hours to hit some smallie water. Trip had some ups and downs, several fish got caught and even more beers got drank. Fun week in the upper midwest.


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I'm really not sure what it stems from and really unsure what the hang up is, I feel like in most aspects of my adult life I'm fairly well adjusted. Maybe it's from being a spoiled kid or maybe because I'll do whatever I can in my power to make something happen or maybe because I'm laid back with everything else in my life......I can't hardly handle when things don't go my way. I don't mind a good ass kicking from the fish usually it means I've learned something or even lights more of a fire making me want to catch every single fish in the lake. Those bad days happen it's fishing but to get beat down for the majority of the spring has been humbling and frustrating. The variables I can control I do my best to control. The weather and mother nature are one of those variables I cannot. Sure we caught fish but nothing even relatively close to springs past in both quality and quantity.

I sort of feel abused, not the mean kind of bullshit abused but more like the consensual kind of abuse like mother nature threw me in her basement and went 50 shades of gray on me all spring long. You spend all winter tying flies and drinking countless fifths of bourbon waiting on Spring, just waiting for April. We caught fish in February and March, but April is the big show. April is when whites and hybrids start to run and large female bass can be caught fueling up before the spawn. The biggest factor is water temps and they didn't really happen, for the majority of the month water temps barely made it into the 50s. Oh I forgot to mention I took the whole month of April off to fish. It was the coldest April I can remember not brutally cold but just cold enough to keep things from happening. I never remember needing long underwear to go turkey hunting. We dealt with this NE wind the majority of the month which didn't really help anything, winds blowing along the dams on the lakes I typically hybrid fish, we never really got that wind to blown in which real helps. Now it's May and we're dealing with low water and temps in the 90s, so much for that enjoyable Midwest spring weather. Stocking caps to flip flops....maybe Al Gore is right and global warming isn't some made up voodoo witchcraft, not sure I just know this Spring sucked. 

This spring did suck, I'm over it and now after typing this ready to move on. If shitty spring fishing is all I've got to complain about then it should be a good year. All I know that once the shad start schooling up it's going to be a different story. 


About Time

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It's been a long winter and besides tying flies fishing has been to far in between. We were able to get out a few times for trout and the last few weeks have been able to slow strip some farm ponds. This week was the first really good warm water trip of the year. We found some warmer water and found some fish. They were eating pretty much anything shad/minnow looking and the best colors were grey and white. Things should start picking up over the next few weeks, some reports of whites starting to move around in the Ozark's so we shouldn't be too far behind, some warm windy days should start bring water temps up. If the weather cooperates I know I'll be out as much as possible. 


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Updated version of the Deadbeat 'Dad (& Video)

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The new and improved Deadbeat 'Dad, a couple tweaks same general appearance, I like how the new one swims quite a bit better. The Crawtail in the back gives better movement on the drop and helps keep it hook point up. Since the craw tails aren't as heavy as the lead eyes I ditched the foam and add some Chocklett body tubing to help keep the claws apart. Checkout the video below.


2018 Fly Swap

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It's that time of year again for the annual fly swap! This year I'm thinking, Warmwater flies. Whether it be your favorite streamer, popper, or carp/blue gill nymph. Rules are pretty simple tie 6 of the same pattern and get 6 random flies in return. I always get asked why not tie one for every participant, and it's pretty easy response it takes a month most of the time to get 6 flies from the tiers and it would take 6 months to get 20+ flies from some. I'm not dogging on anyone people have real life stuff that comes up and sometimes it's hard to find the time. Here's the rules and I'm gonna keep it simple:

1. Email me name and address, if you want in the swap. I'll send you a response on where to send them, sign up by Saturday 1/20/18. email themidwestdrift@yahoo.com 

2. Tie 6 flies of whatever pattern you plan on submitting and mail them to me by 2/17/18. If you get them done early send them, please. When you send the flies include name of the fly, and email me any website, and social media info you want included. *Patterns do not have to be original, no wooly buggers though* If you have any business cards or stickers you want distributed send those too.

3. I'll take pics and build a page for every fly, mix them up and send them back out ASAP. Check out last years swap page and you'll get the idea. 

That's it, if you have questions email or DM me, thanks for participating and I'm stoked to see what everyone spins up this year.