Material: Gamakatsu B10S sz. 4 , UTC 140 black, Olive Rabbit Zonker, Tan Senyo's Laser Dub, 3 3.8mm Tungsten beads, Spiderwire Camo Braid, Red Guinea Feather, Silli Legs, Congo hair mixed into Dubbing, and Blood marabou.


Attach Thread and tie in spider wire.

Create a dubbing loop with tan Senyo's Dubbing and wrap forward.

Add the 3 tungsten beads onto the spider wire.

Pull the spider wire over and tie it off.

Add Guinea feather and give it 3 turns and tie off.

Invert fly and add zonker strip poke it through the hook at about one hook shank.

Tie in one blood marabou feather on top of fly.

Add 3-4 silli legs to each side for gills.

Tie in a clump of congo hair dubbing mix and brush back.

Create another dubbing loop with the congo hair blend and build head. I also use a brown marker to give it some barred stripes. Give the head a good brushing and your done.