Cohen's Sulking Sculpin

Material: Gamakatsu B10S 1/0-1, UTC 140, GSP thread for the head, lead eyes, Red EP Fibers, Flashabou, Saddle feathers, Arctic Fox, Magnum Zonker, Deer belly hair. 


Tie in the lead eyes.

Add the zonker strip, it's just a little over 1 times the hook shank. Poke the hook through the strip and part the hairs and tie it down. Pick up the front piece and advance your thread. 

This rides hook point up. Add about 3-4 clumps of fox hair to fill the belly. I was out of fox so this is natural rabbit hair pulled off of a zonker strip.

Tie a clump of red EP fibers just behind the eyes.

Add 3-4 strands of flashabou and double it over to the opposite side.

Pull down the rabbit strip and secure it behind the eyes.

Add a saddle feather to each side for your gills. I whip finish here and start the GSP thread for the head. 

A big clump of Deer belly hair on top and bottom, behind the eyes. Work your thread forward and repeat in front of the eyes. 

Pack the hair back, your not gonna be able to pack it to far back with the eyes being in the middle of this clump. The video below shows how to use a plastic baggy to get the hair out of your way for finishing the fly.

Double edge razor to trim the head, watch Pat's video below it's way easier then me trying to explain. 

Top view.