Tier: Steve Collie

Location: Truckee, CA

Collie's Headstand Evening Star

Material List:

Hook:  Allen N203 #6

Bead:  Allen 3.3mm Brass Black Nickel

Bead Chain Eyes:  Allen 3.2mm Black

Thread:  UTC 120 Olive

Tail:  Krystal Flash Rootbeer, Black Marabou

Abdomen:  Dubbing "Tomato", Peacock Herl

Hackle:  Ringneck Pheasant

Thorax:  Dubbing blend- 2 part Gray Squirrel
                                   1 part Black Rabbit
                                    smidgen Black Ice Dub

Tier's Notes: The "Sparrow" is one of is one the better known patterns tied by Jack Gartside (1942-2009).  Jack tied a version of the sparrow known as the "Evening Star" with a black tail, peacock herl body, black hackle and black thorax.  He also tied a version known as the "Salty Sparrow" for Bonefish with bead chain eyes and a dubbed thorax instead of the aftershaft feather used in the original Sparrow.  The "Headstand Evening Star" borrows elements from all three flies, adds a little spice, and assembles them in a "headstand" configuration.
This fly came about in an attempt to trick some very wary Golden Bones in low clear water with a very rocky bottom.  The bead and chain eyes are undersized for the hook in an attempt to minimize the impact when hitting the water, yet still ensure that the fly settles hook up.  I wanted the fly to "headstand" so at least part of it would be visible in the very rocky bottom and to hopefully avoid snags.  The version I tied for the swap is as big as I go, I tend to fish #8 and #10 more often.  I also tie versions with a chartreuse dubbed hot spot, or no hot spot.  Size the hook, bead and bead chain eyes to fit your needs on the waters you fish.