Tier: Scott Demoss

Location: Denver, CO

Demoss's Mixed Bag

Material List: 

Hook: TMC 200R #8

Thread: 8/0 Black

Eyes: Medium dumbell, pearl white

Tail: black rabbit fur

Abdomen: hand-blended dubbing mix of 3 parts black sparkle dubbing, 1 part purple Simi-Seal

Rib: olive vinyl d-rib (small)

Thorax: Black peacock ice dub

Shellback: Golden stone thin-skin

Antennae: medium round rubber


Tiers notes:  

I’m a journeyman carp guy at best. I’m heading into my 5th season of fishing for these beasts and say I experience moderate success with less regularity than I’d like. I’ve only ever caught carp on the Denver South Platte – it’s a 10-minute walk from my house and taunts me regularly every time I go for a run. I made this fly in an effort to recreate something I found in a $0.50 bargain bin at the Sportsman’s expo in 2012. I filled my waders this past October trying to rescue the last one when it was stuck on the bottom. It’s a pattern that looks a bit like a few different food sources and leverages bits and pieces of other proven producers (soft hackles, trouser worms, shaggin Dragon. The bass like it too, but the Koi fish that lives near the 31st St. bridge wants nothing to do with it.
I couldn’t fish the Carp Slam this year but got to spend the day shadowing Barry Reynolds and Danny Frank as they competed and learned a lot. In spending a day on the water not fishing I got a good look at the bug life in the system. It’s bountiful and diverse, and some of those bugs are pretty big. I now have an understanding why some fish eat it. I’ve found this thing to be most effective on fish in swifter water. It’s moderately heavy so it sticks to the bottom fairly well. It’s shaggy enough and has a soft tail that moves without needing to move the fly much which seems to help with my opponents on the DSP.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t catch 100 carp per year, so I’m not saying this fly will solve your carp problems. I’m fairly convinced that there is no “holy grail” pattern for the DSP.