Tyer: Larry Dostal

Location: Omaha,NE

Instagram: @larrydostal

Fly: Dostal's Damsel

Hook: Size 8 Glo-Bug/Steelhead style hook (Tiemco 105 or equivalent)
Thread: Olive 140 Denier UTC
Eyes: Black Medium Bead-Chain (Sub Brass/Lead/Larger Bead-Chain for faster sink rate)
Tail: Olive Ultra-Chenille (Standard or Small Size)
Body: Peacock Color Mr. Peacock Dubbing (Fly Tyers Dungeon). Or use your favorite "buggy"/"shaggy" dubbing here. I also recommend using a dubbing that's made with a mix of colors (nothing in nature is one solid color).

This is a K.I.S.S. fly of the highest order. This fly was originally designed as a quick/dirty damsel nymph imitation and earned a permanent spot in my fly box in short order.  Carp in my home waters frequently cruise in & out of shallow vegetation while munching on damsel nymphs.  This fly rides hoop-point up, has a slim profile in the water, and has just enough buggy leg action from the brushed out dubbing body.  Simple tweaks to the pattern will bulk up the profile or vary the sink rate of the fly.