Material: Gamakatsu B10S sz. 2/0, UTC 140, Cohen's Creatures Frog Legs Medium 1.75", Surface Seducer Double Barrel Poppers Large, 20# Mono, Surface Seducer Dragon Eyes 6mm, Schlappen, Sili legs.


Attach your thread and tie in a small loop of 20# mono. It'll help keep the legs going in the right direction. If you're gonna add weed guards now is the time.

Attach your frog legs, these are colored with Prisacolor makers. Build up a little thread on the shank so the foam has something to get glued to. Pass your thread to the back of the thread and add glue.

Slipp on the head and wiggle it back. You don't have a bunch of time before it sticks to the glue so make it fairly quick. 

Tie in 2 schlepped feathers by the tips and wrap forward. 5-7 wraps just make sure to cover the gap good between the legs and body. The use whatever you want to pull the legs through this is just a big sewing needle.

Pull the legs through and trim. If I've got enough space I'll reattach the thread and build a small bump behind the eye of the hook. I'll add weed guards to some but it can be a challenge with the way the head is shaped.