Tier: Zach Drazner

Location: Dallas, TX

Material List: 

Hook: Size 6 Gamakatsu Executive Series C14S GLO-BUG
Thread: 6x mono or Waxed Olive Ultra Thread 140 Denier 
Tail: Medium Red Ultra Chenille
Tail 2: Olive Rabbit Fur cut from the skin
Body: Peacock Ice Dub or cut up Black Pearl Shimmer Fringe using the rope dubbing technique
Hackle: Olive Hen Back 1-2 wraps
Head: Bead or Thread Head for desired weight

Tiers notes: Works well with cruisers and passive tailers/shoppers when tied with no weight
Works well with mudding fish/tailers when tied with a beadhead.
Presentation: When dealing with mudding fish/tailers you want to use the “Drag and Drop” presentation and maybe a twitch or two after it hits the bottom, it just depends on what the fish are feeding on. 
When dealing with cruisers/passive shoppers you want to use the “Drag and Drop” presentation but lead the fish about 1-3 feet depending on the speed of the fish and let it just sink slowly. When you see the fish inhale or swim through your fly, set the hook immediately.