Hada's Creek Crawler

Material: Gamakatsu B10S sz.2, Medium lead eyes, UTC 140, Medium red wire, Flashabou, Silli legs, Cohen Carp Dub, Hen Saddle feathers, Swiss straw, Loon Flow.

Tie in the medium lead eyes.

Add 2 strands of krystal flash and silly legs.

Add some marabou.

Invert it and make a ball of dubbing, it'll keep the saddle feathers spread apart. 

Tie in 2 saddle feathers on each side of the dubbing ball you created.

More silli legs 3 on each side.

Add the swiss straw and the red wire.

Tie in some chenille or yarn and wrap to build up your body. Trying to create a taper.

Dub the body, I like making a dubbing loop. Dub all the way around and in front of the eyes.

Lay down the swiss straw and wrap it under the eyes. Wrap your wire securing the straw and making the segmented shell. You can color the straw with a maker and coat it with some Loon Flow.