Tyer: Jeff Hernandez

Location: La Mirada, CA

Fly: Double Up Carp Fly

Instagram: @YOUNGUNZ_612

Material: Umpqua U Series U202 #10, 6/0 tan thread, 5/32 Black dumbbell eyes, Cactus chenille Large Rootbeer chenille, Ultra standard chenille, guinea hackle.

Tyer note: This pattern was developed for the carp in the concrete rivers in southern California, but has been proven in other states. Relatively simple tie but it has produced a good 80% of my carp this season, including a 20+ lb common. I started off with a hybrid between a back stabber carp pattern with a chenille tail in pink or red. Me and a few fellow co workers tinkered with the idea and came up with a similar pattern with just one tail. I then came up with the double tail idea in the cream color when I noticed the carp were mudding in the reeds. I noticed that the roots looked like a bunch of little cream or white bundled worm like structure. Thus producing the two tails in the cream color for the fly. I also used dumbbell eyes instead of bead chain because the dumbbell eyes cause the fly to sit straight up instead of laying at an angle. I also put the hackle in front of the eyes to further help that process and they seem to love it.