Attach thread.


Tie in a small clump of bucktail.

Add some krystal flash.

Tie in the mono eyes.

Add a small collar of craft fur.

Tie in the wire, saddle feather, and chenille.

From here its basically a wooly bugger. Wrap the chenille to the back of the eyes. Then start wrapping the saddle feather. 

Wrap the saddle to the back of the eyes. and start working the wire towards the eyes just a couple turns.

Add the craw body.

Now finish wrapping the wire and wrap it over the craw body. If it's weighted I whip finish here and reattach my thread for the rubber legs. If it's unweighted I finish it here as well but just slide a jig skirt over the end. You can't really slide a skirt over the lead eyes.

Reattach the thread and add several rubber legs/silli legs.