Dostal's The Wolf's Head

Tyer: Larry Dostal

Location: Omaha, NE

Instagram: @larrydostal


This is one of my go-to "bigger" streamer patterns. I say "bigger" because my standard recipe is perfect for a 8 weight setup. This pattern is extremely versatile, not only from the materials it can be created with, but how the Wolf's Head is actually fished.  This pattern is very responsive to the varied retrieve styles used today.   From standard stripping retrieves, steady two handed retrieves, or quickly snapping the rod tip (like a gear fishing "jerk-bait), this fly really moves.  The large, bulky, synthetic head causes "turbulence" making the tail materials come to life and imparting erratic action to the whole fly.  This slow sinking pattern works great in shallow water with a floating fly line, or equally as well with a sink tip/full sink line and a short leader.  Tie in bright "attractive" colors or natural baitfish colors (shad, alewife, and bluegill are the primary predator forage in Nebraska).  Scale up/down to target any predatory species, fresh or salt.

Step by Step Instructions: