Tyer: Gerald Lee

Location: Ogden, Utah

Fly: Carp Squirrel

Instagram: @GERALD1050


Hook, Gamakatsu SL45 4 - 8
Thread, UTC 140
Weight,  barbell eye's
Tail, 2 strands midge Krystal flash, short length of pine squirrel zonker
Rib, copper wire
Abdomen, dubbing made from pine squirrel zonker mixed with UV2 dubbing enhancer and ice dub.
Wing case, thin skin
Legs, squirrel zonker
Thorax,  same as abdomen

After attaching thin skin for wing case tie in the zonker strip legs on top of and in the center of thin skin with leather facing up and hair grain facing forward, so when pulled over Thorax leather will be against fly hair facing up and back. Dub Thorax pull zonker over spread hear to both sides and pull thin skin wing case over. 

This has been a very versatile and productive fly for me that I started tying 9 years ago, It was my spin on the clouser swimming nymph that would ride hook point up, I tie this fly from heavily weighted to a no weight suspending style fly, sometimes I add rubber legs and tie it in a few different color.