Tyer: Luke Annear

Location: Black River Falls, WI

Instagram: @wis_carp

Website: http://youngmanandthestream.blogspot.com

About the fly: When they just aren't eating on top, I fish a 3M.  The 3M fishes very similarly to a Murdich minnow or a Barto minnow, both extremely popular for smallmouth bass in Wisconsin and the midwest.  I like the buoyancy and profile of the 3M.  In fact, the store-bought 3Ms tend to take quite a bit to sink unless you are fishing them on a sinking line or sink-tip.  For exactly that reason, these don't have quite as much EP fibers as the ones you'll buy at a fly shop.  If I want them to be even lighter, I tie them on a TMC 8089.  No matter what hook they're tied on, fish the pause!



Hook: Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hook, size 2 (or for a more buoyant fly, I use TMC 8089 nickel-plated bass bug hooks, size 6).

Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed

Tail (from bottom to top): White bucktail; white EP fibers; silver flashabou

Tail/Body transition: EP fibers on each side of tail

Dubbing: Grey ice dub

Body: Holographic silver EP sparkle brush

Head: Fish Skull Living Eyes, ICE, 5.0 mm; Bug bond (or other thick UV resin)