Material: Gamakatsu R10-B sz 14-18, UTC 140 olive, Stretch Tube small olive, Tailing Fibers, Supreme Hair Olive, White, and Black, Grey Superfine dubbing, Dun hackle, Dun poly yarn. 

Start you thread, and run 3-4 pieces of tailing fibers through the stretch tubing. Then tie in your tail.

Tie in the 3 strands of supreme hair (white, black, and olive) then wrap forward.

Tie in the hackle and build a thorax out of dubbing.

Add the poly yarn wing ( about 1/3 the width) figure 8 it in.

Wrap your hackle forward 2-3 wraps behind and in front of the wing, tie it off and build thread head. Whip finish and clear cure. 

Straight on view.