Material: Gamakatsu B10S sz 1, Cone head weight, Cactus Chenille, foam, 20lb Mono, Jig Skirt, UTC 140

Slip the cone on and attach the thread.

Tie in 3 strands on Cactus Chenille.

3 strand braid (french braid) the tail. Secure end with mono, I just use a square knot. Leave the tags.

Cut a foam block and make 2 holes, it'll be to run the mono through.

On the wider end stick your scissors in the holes and cut make a few mm. 

Now slide the mono through the holes and add some super glue to the knot and pull tight.

I make another square knot on the back side and trim tags.

Optional weed guards. 

Add 2 more strands of Cactus Chenille.

Wrap the 2 strands forward to the cone and tie off. If you did the weed guards tie them off now. Whip finish. 

Slip the jig skirt on over the cone and your done.

A couple options and traditional worms.