McDonald's G-Funk

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Tyer: Greg McDonald

Location: Lawrence, KS

Instagram: @the_gmac64


Notes: A fly straight from the Mothership. This fly has been bouncing around in my head for a while. It was inspired by a fly created by a great fly tying innovator from Flippin Arkansas Tony Spezio. His fly is the Chili Pepper. The G Funk is a much bigger, and should be good for Hybrid bass. 

Materials: Tail- burnt orange and golden brown marabou with krystal flash. Trailing Hook- sz.6. Body- Root beer estaz, root beer palmer chenille, ring neck pheasant iridescent neck feathers, and orange and black saddle hackle. 25mm game shank, 20lb bite wire, .025 lead wrapped to keel weight front hook. Front hook- sz.2 Head-Fish skull small to medium.

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