McDonald's Float Tube Popper

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Tyer: Greg McDonald

Location: Lawrence, KS

Instagram: @the_gmac64


Notes: When I started fly fishing it was for bass and bluegill. My choice of fly was always a popper. About 10 years ago I spent the summer at a local lake coming up with this pattern. I wanted a popper that would hold up and float all day. I've caught more bass and bluegill on this fly than any other in my box. The strange angle of the head is due to getting a better pop or chug from a pontoon. As for color somebody said "you can paint it any color as long as it's chartreuse" and black will always work.

Material: Hook- DaiRiki #710 size 6 1X strong 3X long, Popper head- Walleye float 3/8" X 3/4" cut to size and painted lightly, Thread- UTC 140, Tail- Black deer hair with 15 colors of krystal flash and flashabou Body- Black pearl chenille medium, Rubber legs- medium round orange, Micro swivel- size #10.

Lightroom Photos (4 of 5).jpeg