Tier: Trevor "McTage" Tanner

Location: Highlands Ranch, CO

Website: www.flycarpin.com

Material List:

Hook:  Size 8 CarpPro Gaper

Thread:  140 denier black Ultra-Thread

Bead:  3.25mm black brass bead

Eyes:  #8 stainless bead-chain

Tail:   Brown micro-pine squirrel

Body:  Black dubbing

Collar:  Small yellow Hungarian Partridge

Head:  Grey UV Dub


Tier's notes:  This fly has the same unique rocking action as the Trouser Worm with a sparse but buggy soft-hackle profile.  The sparse profile and delicate micro-pine squirrel allow the fly to get down (particularly with a loop knot) without requiring too much weight and the base design of this fly will use a brass bead instead of tungsten.  This allows for a more delicate presentation in medium depths and/or moderate current.  It is probably slightly too heavy for long-range ultra-shallow still-water applications but will work at moderate range using indirect presentations such as a drag and drop.  It is also too light for heavy current, which will require substituting a tungsten bead. 

It has gotten a very positive reaction on the Denver South Platte this fall, and has earned a name which will be "McTage's McLuvin".  Like the Trouser Worm, the McLuvin was specifically designed to be effective for virtually every presentation including a dead drop, twitch, sitting,  stripped or slow swimming. (Taken from McTage's write up on the original pattern on FlyCarpin.com

McTage's McLuvin