Tier: Mario Garza

Location: Grosse Lle, MI 

Melan (istic) Carp Leech

Hook: CarpPro Gaper Size 4

Legs: Centipede Legs Red Barred Small

Body 1: Melanistic pheasant marabou wrapped

Body 2: Melanitstic pheasant body plumage (iridescent purple)

Eyes: Presentation lead XSmall - or sized to suit local conditions

Head: Pink laser dub


Tier's notes: The carp flies I fish on our local waters are strongly influenced by our local guides at Schultz Outfitters.  This pattern is actually a variant of a pattern I received in a previous swap from Corey Haselhuhn (@castinglifeaway), now at SO.  I had a melanistic pheasant cape from a hunt, and the iridescent feathers needed to be used on a pattern.  The pattern itself is nothing new, just a really fishy bug.  I was looking to incorporate two keys, the iridescent black feathers, and the pink "hot spot" head.  I'm not sure which one made it work, but I had really good luck with the fly last year.  This fly was responsible for my largest Huron River carp to date.

Garza's Melan (istic) Carp Leech