Tier: Dave Kuntzelman

Location: Chicago, IL

Website: www.urbanassaultflyfishing

Kuntzelman's Hard Back Micro Craw

Material List: 

Hook: Gamakatsu SL45, Size 6

Weight: Black brass or lead hourglass eyes

Claws: 1/2'' long rabbit strip, barred orange

Antennae: 2 strands flashabou, doubled over

Body: Ice dub in a dubbing loop, x-wrapped over the rabbit strips to splay the claws

Shell: Lunds Misfit UV bond (lundsflyshop.com)


About: A basic small crawdad pattern developed for Chicago harbor Carp and Drum. Sometimes the shiny back seems to make all the difference. Everything here is sigh fished, usually using the drag and drop method. The colors of course can be changed to match local needs. I usually have rust, olive, and tan on hand. If necessary, you can also lead wrap the hook to go deeper faster.

Kuntzelman's Hard Back Micro Cray