Attach the thread and tie in a clump of craft fur even with the hook point. Start with whatever color you want as your top color.

Invert it and tie in your bottom color of craft fur.

Cheat your thread forward a little and tie in the second clump of craft fur on the top.

Invert it again and add your second clump of the bottom color of craft fur.

Add a clump of matching Sanyo's Laser Dub to the top and bottom.

Work your thread forward and repeat with the Sanyo's Dub. Build a small thread nose and whip finish. Give the fly a good brushing it help all the fibers blend together.

Glue on the Flymen Living Eyes. And use Loon Flow to keep the head fibers going back. I start at the thread and go to about 12 o'clock on the eyes on top and 6 o'clock on the bottom. I pull the dubbing to the angle I want and cure it with the UV light.

Easy pattern, limited materials need, about everything will eat it and it can be tied in a ton of color combos.