Tier: Bryan Rodriguez

Location: Rochester, MN

Instagram: @yosoybrod

Rodriguez's Plumbers Crack

Material List: 

Hook: Egg/Carp | Size 4

Thread: 140 Denier | Rust

Tail: CDC | Natural Dun

Body: Teflon/Plumbers Tape | White

Color: Permanent Marker | Brown

Legs: Silly Legs | Pumpkin

Eyes: Bead Chain | Gold

Head: Wiggle Dub | Olive-ish Brown

Tier's Notes: 

Begin thread base at midpoint of shank. Tie in 3 bushy CDC plumes well into the bend of the hook so they lie perpendicular to the shank. Bring thread back up the hook shank while building a small taper with the thread - end the thread base with about two hook-eyes space for the bead chain eyes. Take the Plumber’s tape and measure out about 12 inches (this should make about 2 maybe 3 flies). Depending on the thickness of body that you want you can fold the tape in half (or not). For most of these, I doubled it over. Take the two loose ends of your folded tape and cut at an angle for an easier tie in. As you tie it in, keep it as flat as you can to maintain the thread taper. Tie down the shank and into the bend, return your thread to the tie in point synching it down with a half hitch. Grab the tips and begin twisting to form a tight rope. (You can color the body with marker at this point or wait until the body is tied in and secured.) When tape rope is nice and tight, begin making adjacent wraps up the shank to form segmented body (I use my rotary function for this). You can use tension to further your tapered body: pulling the rope tighter as you wrap makes slightly thinner segments while loosening tension gives you slightly bulkier segments. If your segments begin to flatten out give your rope a few more twists to retighten. Finish the segments two hook eyes space before the hook eye. Tie off and cut remaining rope. This is where I usually color my body. After the body is colored attach the eyes on the top of the hook with figure eight wraps. Head cement can be added for strength. Take 1 section of silly legs, fold in half and cut. Repeat so you end up with 4 equal length silly legs. Take two of the silly legs and tie in right behind the eyes separating into 1 pair on each side. Finish the fly with a tapered dubbing loop. Wrap the thinner section of dubbing in front of the eyes just behind the hook eye. Finish with a healthy amount behind the eyes to cover the legs and end of the taped body. Finish with a few whip finish turns behind the eye and add some head cement. At this point you can touch up the marker colored body if you missed any spots.

How to Fish:

Fish like any nymph pattern. Especially good for skinny-water-mud-suckers as this fly will sink straight to the bottom. The Plumbers tape creates a compact and watertight body making it extremely drag free. 
About Me: 

Living in Rochester, MN. I’m relatively new to fly fishing, 5 years or so, and new to carp on the fly – maybe 2 years. Videographer, photographer, graphic designer. Follow me on Instagram @yosoybrod