Tier: Matus Sobolic

Location: California


Size 6 carp boilie hook

Bead: 1/8 black

3/0 black uni thread

Egg yarn in egg color with one piece of size 14 grizzley hackle ran through the folds

Tan chenille followed by,
14 1/8 foam discs cut out of a sheet of 3mm foam with a 1/8 hole punch
Threaded onto 3/0 black uni thread doubled over with a black 5/32 bead tied to the tip.

Tiers notes: My goal with this pattern was to come up with a egg sucking leach pattern much like the ones available commercially but with a tail that had more action than the typical chenille being used. I used a combination of a Gilly Bad Bitch with the foam tail of a Trouser Worm. It took multiple failed attempts along with some bathtub testing to finally get the fly along with the tail to have the action that I wanted. The fly will drop doing a headstand and if fished in current the tail will immediately have lifelike action if fished in still water the fly can be hopped along the the bottom to get the same action. The fly imitates some form of aquatic worm or an egg or even the arm of a clam either way it has proven itself on our waters and I hope it does on yours.