MATERIAL: Gamakatsu C15-BV sz 14-20 , UTC 140, Antron Tail, Moose Mane, Turkey Biot, Poly yarn, Hackle, Superfine dubbing. Colors are inner changeable depending the mayfly you're trying to match this one is the BWO variation.

Attach thread and add the Antron tail this is roughly half the width of the strand of antron.

Tie in 3-4 strands of moose mane.

Tie in the turkey biot, I like to tie it in at the top and secure it all the why to the tail it keeps the body even.

Wrap the biot forward and tie off.

Tie in the poly yarn and then the hackle. It's again just a little  more then half the with of poly yarn.

Wrap the hackle up and back down the post you created with the poly yarn and tie it off.

Build up a small dubbing thorax. And pull the post over and tie it off.