MATERIAL: Gamakatsu SL45 sz. 4-8, Rabbit Zonker Orange and Black barred, Zonker brown or natural, Brown Sili Legs, Black medium bead chain eyes, Cohen Carp Dub Rusty nail, Copper wire, Brown egg yarn, UTC 140 brown or Orange. 

Tie in the bead chain eyes about even with the barb.

Add silli legs split it so one strand on each side of the hook.

View of the legs.

Rip a pinch off of the orange and black zonker strip and tie it in.

Dub a head with the Cohen Carp Dub, make sure to fill in the eyes.

Add a small clump of the brown zonker strip to each side, tie it tight to eyes.

Tie in about a 1/3 of a piece of brown egg yarn and a piece of copper wire.

Dub the body with your Carp dub.

Pull over the egg yarn and tie it off the wrap your wire spacing it out to give it segments. Tie both off and Whip finish. I also like to brush ou the body a little on each side of the egg yarn.