Schultz Swingin' D

Material: Gamakatsu 2/0 worm hook, back hook Gamakatsu B10S sz.4, UTC 140, Saddle Hackle, Marabou, Senyo's Predator wrap, Baitfish emulator flas\h, 5mm glass rattle, 3 Beads, Rainey's diver head small, Mallard flank, Grizzly hackle, Rio 30lb bite wire, flashabou, rabbit zonker.

Attach the thread and tie in 2 saddle feathers.

Add 3-4 pieces of flashabou and double over.

Trim the Sanyo's predator wrap and use the clippings to make a dubbing brush and wrap forward.

2-3 wraps of rabbit zonker and tie off.

Add a mallard flank over the back and whip finish, and hit with some Loon Flow.

Rio 30lb bite wire and 3 beads for the connection. Coat with some sally hansen hard as nails.

3-4 more pieces of flashabou doubled over and another 2-3 wraps of zonker strip.

Tie in the 5mm rattle and coat with hard as nails.

Use the piece of predator wrap you trimmed and wrap it forward.

Add marabou 4-5 palmered wraps.

Tie in a grizzly hackle feather on each side.

Cut a small piece of Hardline baitfish emulator flash and tie about half of it in.

And 4-6 More pieces of flashabou and whip finish.

Super glue and slide on Rainey's diver head.