Tier: Matt Simms

Location: Missoula, Montana

Instagram: @s1mms1

Simm's Moonraker

Material List: 

Hook: MFC 7099 Steelhead/Salmon, blue, size  6

Thread: red 6/0

Weight: black bead chain over folded lead, on top of hook, size L.

Tail 1: light olive grizzly marabou 

Antennae: 2 blue sexi-floss legs, twice length of tail

Tail 2: rust grizzly marabou 

Rib: medium red wire

Body: Crayfish Orange pine squirrel, palmered

Shellback/head: 6 strands peacock herl. The six strands are cut in half, and tied in as 2 clumps on the underside of the hook (top of the fly). The first clump is brought forward and the rib is wrapped to the eyes.  The 2nd clump is then brought forward and wrapped around the eyes to form a head.


Tier's Notes:  This became the clear winner for Montana Carp last summer, catching fish in many waters, still and moving, in the hands of some stud anglers.  I think it can be a crayfish, and possibly loose algae.  I think the blue hook and antennae are strong triggers.  Ironically I caught my largest lower 48 rainbow, 26” of virgin chrome, while scouting a carp lake outside Helena, MT, stripping a moonraker fast after we saw some “little trout.”