Tier: Matt Simms

Location: Missoula, Montana

Instagram: @s1mms1

Simm's Thunderball

Material List: 

Hook: Carppro Gaper size 8 or 6, ideally.  I ran out so these are Gamakatsu S14S-3H size 10.

Weight: Black Bead chain eyes over folded lead (medium eyes for size 8)

Tail: Red pine squirrel strip with red glitter foam end.  Zap-a-Goo foam to tip

Body: Ultra Chenille, red. Top of body (underside of hook) is darkened with marker to match fur pattern.


Tier's notes:  The little piece of glitter foam makes the fur ride up and wiggle when stripped, sort of a faster way to make McTage’s foam trouser worm.  I have caught smallmouth on it as well, sight casting to them in New Hampshire, and it would probably be great for stillwater trout.  A giant one for Tarpon?  Much props to Trevor Tanner.